The Power of Prayer Can Help Battle Any Cancer

The Power of Prayer Can Help Battle Any Cancer

My name is Erin O'Handley. I am married to the Greatest husband in the entire world, My Mark, and I have been Blessed to have 4 Incredible children that I Love with all my Heart. Markcaya is 15, Nick is 14, Jameson is 9, and our little "bunny" Miss Shawna is 7. In March 2006, I was devastated to be diagnosed with stage 4 - terminal cancer and given just 3 MONTHS to live. Family and Friends and even total strangers prayed on my behalf. Our Merciful and Loving God listened and answered those Prayers! This video is of my Testimony on The Power of Prayer. I hope you find it uplifting and comforting. If so, please share it with others. (Sadly, the cancer has spread since the taping of this video in May, 2008. I've restarted aggressive & grueling chemo to buy me more time with my Family. (But, no matter what happens with the disease progression, I know that God will never leave my side)

Love Always and Forever,

Erin (Mrs. O)


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P.S. If you would like to donate to a reputable and worthwhile cause, may I suggest my favorite: "The Kathy Bailey Memorial Fund". It was set up to help Kathy, a wonderful wife and Mother, in her Battle with Cancer. Sadly, she died within 9 months of being diagnosed. Her husband and children were absolutely devastated. Norton Families rose to the occasion and raised money through a basketball game (Teachers V. Police). The game was not only exciting, but it helped the family tremendously. As we all know, when a family member is sick with cancer (or another terminal illness), people are forced to use up all of their paid vacation time and then take unpaid leave so they can stay home and care for their loved one. This loss of wages, combined with huge medical bills, can drain a family to the point of having their home foreclosed on. Sadly, my Famil