Cece Winans- Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place

This is a song by Cece Winans called "Holy spirit come fill this place". To view this video in high quality please add the code "&fmt=18" (without the quotes) at the end of this video’s web address on top!! Thanks! ----------------------------------------------- *LYRICS* CHORUS Holy Spirit come and fill this place bring us healing with your warm embrace Show Your power make your presence known Holy Spirit come fill this place VERSE 1 My heart is longing just to hear from you My soul is waiting to know someone who Can take us higher help us make it through So will you please come and set us free CHORUS VERSE 2 Breath of God we need a touch from you shine down on us with the light of truth Stir our hearts and set our spirit free Holy spirit come fill this place VERSE 3 Our hearts are hungry for your perfect peace Our souls are thirsty for the joy you bring So send your glory makes your praise complete Send down the rain, touch us once again CHORUS ------------------------------------------------ Please checkout my channel for Christian movies, music and uplifting sermons!! Thanks!

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