"I'll Miss You "Church" AbaloneKid

Who are His church? Is conversion and repentance an emotional high? Are what we believe are Holy Spirit experiences really of the soul and backslid, or just plain lost disguised as saved. What of Christ's love? Are we forgiving? Do we really love Him for who He is and what He did? What is all the talk of "Left Behind"? We must examine ourselves? Are we enjoying THE WORLD???ENTERTAINED? FEELINGS? TAKING TIME FOR HIS LOVE, HIS WORD...GETTING IT?

Are we carnal Christians or just lost but deceived into thinking we are found? ARE WE REALLY FOLLOWING CHRIST? What have we given up for His glory, and how important is OUR life and career over His life and His church. ARE WE REALLY TAKING TIME TO LOVE WITH A JESUS LOVE?

Or are we looking up to the "BIG SHOTS", the money raisers, the easy living bow takers and the "MEGA CHURCH" high climbers? Christ was penniless! He did not have a place to lay His head! He was "homeless" in a strange land, a lost world, and He never made the headlines in the local paper. Come on now! Who are we following? The "THIS IS MY COPYRIGHT PRAISE SONGS", the royalty grabbers, the PROUD! The PVT PLANE fliers? THE FEEL GOOD GOSPEL PREACHERS? THE DIVORCE LAWYERS! THE BUY GOLD CAPITALISTS? THE TAKE A PILL POISONERS? THE AMERICAN DREAM? THE "YES WE CAN"!

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