Mary Did You Know' Spoken Word Poetry Rendition

Mary Did You Know' Spoken Word Poetry Rendition

This spoken word poetry rendition of ‘Mary Did You Know’ will leave you in awe. The whole video is beautiful, and the lyrics are incredibly powerful and impactful.

“Mary, did you know
that there were no depths he wouldn’t go
to show us
that we are loved more than the deepest
reaches of our weaknesses
to teach us
that we are more than wanderers
that we are more than conquerors
that we are more than we can even dream of
all these centuries of debate over humans and nature
to this day he’s the only one
that can change a human’s nature”

The video starts off with the poet speaking to Mary as she holds a candle in the dark. Then it transitions to a beautiful winter scene with a piano player and string players, as well as a choir holding candles as snow falls all around them.

The added music really brings up the emotion of the piece. Dancers then come into the scene as the man speaks these powerful and moving words.

“I pray you understand
that it was your sacrifice
that made the whole blessed intercession feasible
you found favor with God
and that favor was returned
with salvation and blessings and joy
Mary, it all came true
your baby boy, the miracle that was created within you
was the Lord of all creation”

What an incredible video to watch, especially around this time of year. The creator of this video is named Journal and he is a “musical poet who infuses his poetry with music ranging from acoustic rock to hip-hop to epic cinematic scores to create soundscapes for what he calls video poems.”

“I believe that we’re spiritual beings having human experiences. So, I try to view everyday life through a lens of eternal truth,” he says. “Making sense of this human condition we all share is what inspires me to write poetry. And I like to put my poetry to pictures – moving pictures… because it’s more moving.”

May the truth of Mary’s story and her son Jesus Christ touch many lives this holiday season!

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