Craig D. Lounsbrough's Podcasts

There’s a whole lot to learn in life. But within all of the many things that there are to learn, there are those bits of wisdom, those kernels of knowledge, and those uniquely profound insights that are truly life-altering. And personally, those are the kinds of things that I want to seek out and grab hold of.

And so, we’ve developed a brand new series of podcasts entitled “Life Talk.” Our goal in creating this new series is to deliberately take on the hard issues, to intentionally grapple with the most painful subjects, and to delve into those richly deep topics that engender that kind of unparalleled growth, that provide that desperately needed encouragement that I think we all yearn for, and that leave our lives bettered in ways we hadn’t thought possible.

It’s my hope that these brand new podcasts will significantly empower your growth, enliven your journey, and maximize your life experience in ways that you hadn’t even imagined. You’ll find our new “Life Talk” podcast series on i-Tunes, as well as on our web site at

Here’s wishing you a life full of phenomenal and unanticipated growth.

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