'Borrow (One Day At A Time)' Josh Wilson Performance

'Borrow (One Day At A Time)' Josh Wilson Performance

Contemporary Christian artist Josh Wilson performs a live rendition of his single, ‘Borrow (One Day At A Time).’ This special solo performance features Josh playing every single instrument that you hear as well as singing.

“I'm lying awake cause I just can't sleep
I toss and I turn but can't find no peace
I keep praying to God,
He keeps telling me
Don't worry, don't worry”

Josh Wilson has been a staple in the Christian music scene for over a decade. He’s given us hits such as ‘Savior, Please’ and ‘Jesus Is Alive.’ Today, he’s showing off his multiple musical talents with this ‘solo experience’ of ‘Borrow (One Day At A Time).’

“Don't borrow, no trouble from tomorrow
You'll only double your sorrow
You'll only worry your mind
Don't borrow, no trouble from tomorrow
If you're gonna learn to follow
You gotta take it”

Speaking to CCM Magazine, Josh said, “I’ve always wanted to incorporate multiple instruments into my live set. Over the years, I’ve tinkered with playing various instruments on my records, and I wanted to find a way to bring them all to the stage.

This particular looping setup has taken me over five years to get up and running, and it’s had a lot of different iterations. I’m really excited about where it’s landed.”

This performance just shows the level of talent that Josh Wilson truly does possess. And the best part is that he’s using those talents to give glory to God. What a powerful song of hope and trust in the Lord.

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