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Little Boy 'Ruins' Gender Reveal With One Swift Kick

Little Boy 'Ruins' Gender Reveal With One Swift Kick

This gender reveal didn’t go quite as planned and now the whole Internet is talking about the hilarious moment.

Nowadays, gender reveals are becoming more and more common. Once a couple finds out that they are pregnant, they will plan on a unique and creative way to tell the family the gender of the baby.

Over the years, we’ve seen everything from confetti balloons to large explosive displays that will appear pink or blue to indicate girl or boy. This particular couple decided to use a soccer ball filled with color.

Once the ball was kicked, it would break open and colored powder would fill the air to reveal the gender. At least, that’s how it was suppose to work.

When the pair invited their friends and family to the party, they didn’t take into account curious little boys and their mischievous nature. Just watch as the couple takes their place in the middle of the yard with the ball in between them.

Everyone gets their cameras ready for this Kodiak moment and that’s when they see the biggest surprise of all. With all the cameras rolling, a child from the crowd runs up and kicks the soccer ball himself.

Much to the surprise of everyone, the ball breaks open to reveal pink powder. It’s a girl! At first, you can hear the screams of people in shock. But those screams quickly turn to laughter as everyone took the moment in stride.

Either way, this couple found out that they are welcoming a baby girl into their lives and the reveal is definitely a moment they won’t forget!