Never-Before-Seen Comedy Footage From The Late Jeanne Robertson On Shopping

Check out this hilarious never-before-seen comedy footage from the late Jeanne Robertson. It is sure to make you chuckle and bring a smile to your face!

“After Jeanne passed, we found a video in the archives from a presentation she did earlier in her career,” reads the caption of this YouTube video. “No one is sure when this was taped or for what group. It was somewhere in Kentucky. We hope you enjoy some ‘Vintage Jeanne.’”

At the start of the comedy routine, Jeanne talks about how she grew up in the 1950’s.

“In the fifties, mother made all of our clothes. And here she had me at 6’ 2” and my two sisters at 5’ 5”. A challenge, a real challenge,” she said.

“I’ll never forget the day when she read in a magazine that she could change our size by the way she dressed us. Have you heard this? Like if you put a black belt with something it would cut your height. I’d be leaving the house in a swimsuit and she’d say, ‘I think a black belt would look good with that.’” The audience then shared a big laugh after this line.

“And then one day she read about stripes. She read that if you wore stripes going up and down it made you look taller, and if you made stripes going around it made you look shorter,” she shared.

Then she went on to talk about how her mother could never pass up a good sale. “She came upon a whole boat of red and white striped material on sale. She took it home and she spread it out on the kitchen table and cut out two dresses for my sisters with the stripes going up and down,” she said. “They put them on, and in front of my eyes, shot up to 6 feet. And then she turned that material. And she cut out a dress for me with the stripes going around. From below my neck to below my knee, I was like one of those giant spinning tops.” The audience started laughing again from the imagery that Jeanne was painting for them.

Jeanne always had a way to make people laugh with just simple stories about her life. We hope that this video was able to bring some laughter to your day!

Source: JeanneRobertson

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