Young Man Wins Talent Competition With 'Hallelujah' Performance

Young Man Wins Talent Competition With 'Hallelujah' Performance

19-year-old Michael Rice wins talent competition with his incredible ‘Hallelujah’ performance. Michael was a contestant on the first season of All Together Now.

This BBC show features a panel of 100 judges from the United Kingdom who all have a musical background. The panel includes performers, producers, and other experts in the music industry. Once an artist starts performing, the 100 can turn their light on, stand up and sing along. The contestant with the highest amount of lights from that round will move on in the competition.

During his first performance, Michael earned a perfect score with his rousing rendition of ‘Proud Mary.’ He easily moved through the first two rounds to become a finalist. That’s when he gave it his all with a powerful performance of ‘Hallelujah.’

Leonard Cohen's rendition of 'Hallelujah' is one of the most popular songs of all time and now Michael is putting his own spin on the classic. It’s obvious that his vocal resonated with the panel because one by one they turned on their lights and stood up to belt out the iconic lyrics. As Michael hit every single note flawlessly, he earned enough votes to take the title. He was crowned the very first winner of All Together Now amid a sea of tears and cheers.

Michael definitely put his heart and soul into every single song and he deserves this trophy. And with a voice like this, I’m this isn’t the last time that we’ll be hearing the name Michael Rice. Do you agree?

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