Man Stuns Shoppers With Golden Voice At The Gas Station

Man Stuns Shoppers With Golden Voice At The Gas Station

You never know when there is a hidden talent in your midst. In this video, a man stuns shoppers with his golden voice at the gas station.

At the beginning of this clip, the cashier asks the buyer to sing some Keith Urban. The man laughs a little and agrees to sing. The man in the Rolling Stones shirt with tattoos on his arms begins to belt out “Til Summer Comes” by Keith Urban, and the entire store is amazed.

The customer next to him appears shocked by the voice coming from this everyday shopper. James Bailey, also known as Bear, lives in Louisiana and has become well-known through his viral singing clips in the gas station. People in random stores now ask him to sing. As he performs “All of Me” by John Legend, a girl in the back supportively replies, “OK, Bear!” in approval.

Just like Bear is not hiding his talent, we as believers are called to let our lights shine so others can see Christ. As you watch this video, remember how when you have the living power of Jesus inside of you, you can shine brightly. The world might not see much potential from us, but with our God, all things are possible. We can be the voices who share the good news to our neighborhoods and communities. We can be the ones to stand up for our faith and share unhindered. All that we do can be done for God’s glory. How can you let your light shine before those around you today?

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16

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