10 Students Perform Amazing Optical Illusion Dance

10 Students Perform Amazing Optical Illusion Dance

Wearing dramatic alternating black and white tights and shirts, these 10 creative female students performed a memorable optical illusion dance for their high school talent show.

When the girls first lined up we weren’t sure what their routine would be but it wasn’t long before we found ourselves toe-tappin’ along. When the music started and they began to walk back and forth, we were instantly hooked. Every time we figure out which leg goes with which person, their bodies move and we lose it again! If you look closely you can see that each member has one black tight and one white tight on each leg to match their top. This optical illusion makes it look like there is another set of dancers!

As the dancers take a few steps forward and a few step back, their legs alternate. This has the appearance of more people, cross-legged people, and just genuine mayhem! It literally looked like the white legs were the same person and “skipping” through the black legs of their partners. Then when they started lifting their legs in unison we just about lost it! Those white legs stood out so easily and looked like people jumping in the air! We loved when the black stocking legs began to “swing”, then alternating with the while legs. What a crazy routine!

The audience sounded like they loved it and were cheering and clapping the entire performance! These students obviously chose the right creative routine for their “talent” at this competition!

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