Carrie Underwood On Marriage: 'We Know God Brought Us Together'

Carrie Underwood On Marriage: 'We Know God Brought Us Together'

This interview shows the thoughts of Carrie Underwood on marriage: ‘We know God brought us together.’

If you haven’t seen much about Carrie Underwood’s relationship with hockey star Mike Fisher, this video gives a nice glimpse into their marriage and faith. It’s episode four from a series called ‘Mike and Carrie: God & Country,’ so there’s more to check out if you’re inspired by their faith.

The interview begins with a clip of Mike from 2014 talking about how he found God. He started with, “Cause I reached my dreams, I had money and everything I thought was cool, and it just wasn’t working and I knew the answer.”

He felt unfulfilled with his life when he thought he had everything he could ever want. The one thing missing was God.

Fast-forward to his life with Carrie and their two boys, he put his life in the hands of God and now happily owns a hunting business. Carrie expressed how opposed she was to hunting and eating meat but said you shouldn’t have every single thing in common in a relationship.

“We know God brought us together and trust His judgment. And then, just finding kind of ways to compromise through it.”

What a beautiful way to look at your marriage. We are all individuals with our own opinions and ideas. The point of marriage isn’t to find someone like yourself. As Carrie said, that would be “no fun!”

God puts people in our lives that help us grow as humans. We should trust his judgment as Mike and Carrie do.

Mike followed her by saying, “We’re not perfect. We don’t have a perfect marriage. But we have that one thing in our faith, and that’s why we’re here. To glorify God with what we’ve been given. And hopefully, we point people to the answer.”

God has blessed them with a wonderful marriage and family, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have difficult days. All of it is a part of His plan.

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