Grown Ups Act Out Story Of Jesus According To Funny Kids

It's a hilariously heartwarming moment when these adults act out the story of Jesus, according to children. We all know the story of Jesus and His birth. In fact, most of us learned it when we were just kids at church. As we grow older, we start to understand the story more and more and the importance of this sacred event. Southland Christian Church wanted to find out how their littlest members would tell the story of Christmas. So that’s when they decided to break the cameras and record the children of their church telling the story of Jesus' birth. Now, they could’ve gotten the kids to act out this story themselves, but they decided to make it even funnier by having adults play out the roles. I just love listening to how the younger generation interprets the story and it’s absolutely hilarious to watch grown ups act out every single line. One of my favorite parts is when they are talking about Mary and Joseph entering Bethlehem and looking for a place to stay for the night. One of the children narrates by saying, “They tried to go to a hotel and they asked the keeper for a place to stay. And the keeper said, ‘We have no rooms…literally no rooms.’” Kids definitely have a unique way of looking at the story of Jesus. And I have no doubt that the entire congregation was laughing out loud when they saw this video on Sunday morning. I know that I would be rolling in the floor in laughing watching these scenes. Who else is watching this rendition over again?


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