Crowd Forms Around Teen Violinist Playing 'A Thousand Years' On The Street

Crowd Forms Around Teen Violinist Playing 'A Thousand Years' On The Street

Birds fly overhead, the sea breezes blow, and a crowd forms around a teen violinist playing ‘A Thousand Years’ on the street. Who else wishes they were there to hear this beautiful song from The Greatest Showman?

Karolina Protsenko steps into the spotlight as a young girl with undeniable talent. You would think so, too. Just watch her string together music effortlessly. As people on the streets take notice of her, she also gains a lot of popularity online.

The teen violinist has a number of cover songs she has created with her instrument. Her ability to string music together so masterfully at such a young age is quite impressive.

One commenter on her video said, “She: plays violin. Me: can’t even do the dishwasher.”

Another wrote, “The way she moves when she plays, it shows just how much she loves doing what she does, and how into it she is. Can't get much better than that!”

The crowd in the video is definitely impressed with her ability. All listen, some even record with their phones. People pass by in the background, but even they can’t escape the sounds resonating in the air.

In this video, she performs alongside two companions, Imanielijah who is drumming, and Kiev Morales who too plays a violin.

In their cover performance, there are no lyrics, but their ability to convey the song easily allows those listening to sing along if they wanted.

And Karolina does not simply play her instrument either. She engages in a bit of dancing as she spins and steps across her impromptu stage. She smiles confidently and never misses a moment to capture the sound from her violin.

Upon her musical conclusion, the crowd has grown and they give the performers well-earned applause.

Seeing a talented teenager is refreshing! She is someone who is making a name for herself by serving others through her art. If she already finds such success at her young age, can even you imagine what the future will hold for her?

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