'Hallelujah' Ice Skating Routine Earns First Place For Dancing Duo

Watch as this ‘Hallelujah’ ice skating routine earns first place for dancing duo.

With grace and elegance, Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue take to the ice skating rink for their showcase. Back in 2018 they earned 4th place at the Olympics.

Clearly the two have talent, and they have only built upon their skills since.

In this video, the dynamic duo perform a routine to ‘Hallelujah.’ They returned to the icy stage still representing the United States, and this time not the Olympics.

This time also, their routine was so impressive that instead of fourth place, they earned enough points to claim first, winning Skate America's Ice Dance crown.

They went in needing 117.18 points to win.

Watching them move in unison felt unreal at times.Their movements matched one another effortlessly and at times without looking. When they began to vary their movements, their actions still complemented one another.

The perfect food analogy would be peanut butter and jelly.

Madison and Zachary performed lifts and turns, sometimes both simultaneously.

After their routine concluded, points were tallied and a final score was given based on their results in different categories. The couple earned a grand total of 211.39 points.

One comedic element that almost distracted from the dancing were the cardboard cut-outs in the background. Most are of people, but some are animals, and one humorously looks like Winnie the Pooh.

Hearing worship music in major performances is always a nice treat for believers who get to hear music they may or may not be familiar with. Likewise, for nonbelievers too, they can get a taste of Christian sounds.

The ice skating routine paired with the music paints an image of God moving with us through life. We are not as graceful with Him as He is with us. Together though, with Him we perform our own routine, sometimes turning, being lifted, but trying our best to move in sync with God.

Thank God that He weighs our heart and is not tallying up a scoreboard for how we behave on our own.
Source: NBC Sports

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