Healings in the Bible - Book Trailer

Healings in the Bible - Book Trailer

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Available in both paperback & Kindle.

Every Healing Account in the Bible Examined!
Did you know you can catch an impartation of healing from scripture, because the Bible is active and living and it is the Word of God which impacts deep within you? It is much more then intellectual understanding; it is supernatural!

With this in mind, The Healings in the Bible analyses, compares & contrasts every healing, so you too can pray for the sick and see them healed. From these Healing accounts you will learn:
- How to receive healing.- How to pray for the sick.
- Understand your role of authority in God when praying for the sick.- Understand the role of faith in healing.
- Insights into the actions & prayers that released healing in the Bible.
- The causes & nature of Bible sickness.
- The Biblical & theological significance of each Biblical healing.

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