Woman Falls Face First Into Hot Grill But Survives

Woman Falls Face First Into Hot Grill But Survives

When we think about summer time, images of days at the beach or pool followed by dinner cooked on the grill comes to mind. Even though these can produce some of the greatest memories, there are some hidden dangers when it comes to heat and grilling out. 44-year-old Regina Benford knows this all too well after a simple move almost cost her everything.

Recently, Regina and her husband, Sheldon, were moving their grill from a fire pit that had become too hot when she tripped. Regina’s face fell right onto the grill, but Sheldon quickly pushed her off the grate. Even though it was only seconds, Regina was left burned and with scars. Her eyes were swollen, but thankfully, Regina was wearing glasses, which probably saved her vision. But the strong woman is crediting her husband with saving her eyes and ensuring that her face was not too badly injured.

Sheldon is a volunteer firefighter, so he knew just what to do in this situation. He quickly put a wet washcloth on her face to help with the healing. "He pushed me off the grate and saved my face and he saved my eye and by keeping it cool and moist. They say it's the best thing he could have done. He was always my hero but now he is really my hero." Now, Regina is sharing her story with others and just what worked in their situation. Hopefully, these tips may help someone else during their time of need.

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