Pastor Steven Furtick Shares Powerful Words He Heard At His Dad's Desk

Pastor Steven Furtick Shares Powerful Words He Heard At His Dad's Desk

Pastor Steven Furtick’s brings God’s word in a direct way with a personal story from his childhood. Standing in front of an antique desk, he explains that it was his father’s desk. But what he learned standing next to the desk are the words we all need to be reminded of daily.

In one of his messages, Steven shared that he asked his mother for his dad’s old desk for his new house. His father passed away, and to Steven, the desk represented his devotion to the family. While he was talking with his mom, Furtick shared that he learned the desk was also his grandfather’s before belonging to his father. Steven shared that his father worked hard to make sure that he had the resources to attend college. It was an important step for the barber with humble earnings. The reason Pastor Steve wanted the desk came down to a specific conversation he had with his father before he left for college.

“... when you get out there, don’t you be broke and not tell me about it….If I have money, you have money.”

Pastor Steven shared that he never forgot that statement and that knowing that gave him confidence. His dad was prepared to be his backup plan. What an amazing statement!

Steven began to share with the congregation that he wished he could speak that as a blessing over them. What greater knowledge and confidence do we have than the faith in our Heavenly Father as our backup plan?

“If Your Father has it, You have it.”

As is shared in the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke , “You are always with me, the father said, and all that is mine is yours”. The same idea was shared in John 17:10 when Jesus spoke to his disciples about the Father “All I have is Yours, and all You have is Mine; and in them I have been glorified”

Pastor Steve reminds the congregation that God is “unlimited”. If we need for anything, God has what we need and will fulfill the need! Amen?!

All I Have Is Yours

Posted by Steven Furtick on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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