'God, You’re So Good' - Passion

'God, You’re So Good' - Passion

‘God, You're so good You're so good to me Behold the cross Age to age And hour by hour The dead are raised, the sinner saved The work of Your power’ I think we can all agree that there is power in the name of Jesus. The more we give to God, the more He shows us just how powerful and amazing He can be. He is so good and has given us so many blessings in our lives. We could all go on for days and days about the many wonders of our Lord, but this worship song truly puts those feelings into words.

Just listen as Passion perform ‘God, You’re So Good’ and it’s absolutely beautiful. This group truly has a heart for the Lord and it’s so amazing to see them use their gift to lead others in worship. This is one of those songs that fill your heart with love and thanks to God and I’m lifting my hands in the air right now in praise.

One of my favorite verses is when they sing: “Highly favored, anointed Filled with Your power For the glory of Jesus’ name” God truly made the ultimate sacrifice for us when He sent His only Son down to Earth to die for our sins. Because of that sacrifice, are sins were washed clean and we are all forgiven. We are free of our chains and that is an amazing feeling, indeed. Who else is worshipping along with this song right now?

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