Meet the World's Cutest 9-Year-old Dog Groomer On 'Little Big Shots'

Meet the World's Cutest 9-Year-old Dog Groomer On 'Little Big Shots'

Things never get too hairy for the world’s cutest 9-year-old dog groomer! Meet little Ruby as she shows off her savvy business skills as a talented fur-tamer. As part of “Little Big Shots” the host Mr. Shane Jacobson first interviews the young professional and then let’s her show off her talents.

With her adorable accent, little Ruby walks us through the stages of her dog grooming process. She first shows host Shane how to properly wash a pooch, demonstrating on a little, gray poodle in a pink tub. Ruby was sure to point out that “washing is the most important thing in dog grooming, ‘cause if you don’t wash it well you can’t get a nice smooth groom.” Clearly this little cute knows her stuff!

Donning his pink apron, the TV host was eager to participant in tub time with the cute canine. After the washing is complete, Ruby shows how to towel dry and massage the pup before the next step. At the drying station, another poodle is in place and Ruby gets to work with a quick demo of the hair dryer. However before she turns on the dryer she shares a little tip that helps the poor pups who might be afraid of the dryer noise. She plops onto the poodle’s head what she dubs “The Happy Hoodie” made from bright pink fabric - it reminded us of a 1980’s workout routine! In all seriousness, Ruby explains that the hoodie covers the dogs ears and aides in lessening its distress.There’s no doubt she cares about her four-legged customers!

Ruby shows off her grooming skills on a calm-as-can-be standard white poodle. Ruby is just as cute-as-a-button! When host Shane asked her to groom one more pooch for the show, she politely agreed. Sneaking off-stage, Shane came back with a rather silly looking “dog”. Ruby instantly shooker her head. As Shane tried explaining it was a rare “long-neck poodle” the gag was had and Ruby smartly chose to stick with grooming only canines, not llamas.

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