Kingdom Choir Flash Mob Performance On British Airways Flight

Imagine being on a cramped flight in route and unexpectedly getting front row seats to a choir concert fit for royalty! That’s what was in store for these passengers when the Kingdom Choir planned a flash mob performance on a British Airways Flight. The choir known for performing at the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry staged this little treat for passengers thanks to the crafty marketing team of British Airways.

Performing the ever-popular 1960’s hit “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King the Kingdom Choir had the other passengers smiling from ear to ear. Their performance started with the walking subtones of their low-note singer mapping out the recognizable beginning bass line of the song. Seconds later from the back of the plane a female voice begins to double the tune along with him. Before the captive audience knows what’s going on a soloist pops out from the flight attendant’s gally singing the melodic lyrics.

Thankfully, all members of this impromptu performance were wearing sweaters/shirts that identified them as Kingdom Choir members, because let’s face it, the last thing British Airways wants are confused panicked passengers who don’t understand flash mobs while flying at 40 thousand feet! The Kingdom Choir was greeted with smiles and the usual smattering of camera phones pointed at them during their performance. There was even a little dancing in the corner! This high flying featurette successfully lifted the hearts of those on board and it’s also safe to say British Airways got the “highest” marks from customers for putting together this little treat.
Source: British Airways

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