'How He Loves' - Passion And Crowder Live Performance

'How He Loves' - Passion And Crowder Live Performance

The Lord loves in more ways than we could ever imagine. His love for his runs deep and wide. It's important to remember that even when we feel alone, God is always right by our side, ready to shoulder the burden of our earthly worries. That's exactly what the lyrics of 'How He Loves' reminds us.

Just listen to this incredible live performance of this special song from Passion and Crowder. This is one of those songs that always touches my heart every time I hear it. There's something about the simple words that truly carry such meaning and hope. I'm so thankful that our God sent His only Son down to Earth to die for our sins.

Now, we will live out our eternity in Heaven. Never forget the amazing love He has for us and all the incredible things that love can do. What do you think of this live performance? Are you singing along too?

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