Spring Break Video

Spring Break Ephesians 6:1 Scripture Song
Children Obey Your Parents/ Ephesians 6:1
It is not Bob Marley, we are not sporting dreadlocks or getting into Rastafarianism but we can take you away in spirit on Caribbean get away to the sandy beaches of Jamaica.
Come along with Morning Song spokesman, Stuart Payne as he invites you and your children to get into the spirit as together you learn "Children Obey Your Parents". Ephesians 6:1 can help implant the Word of God into their hearts as they enjoy the carefree sounds of Caribbean.
You may get the feeling that the Spring Break beach party background noises were created in the warm summer sunshine. To the contrary we recorded in early February in the cold Kentucky winter. We tried recording in studio but found the indoor reverberation to betray the feel of the song, so out into the snow we ventured, adults and children alike to get the authentic outdoor feel.
This was the first time recording for young lead vocalist 9 year old Kharris Barbour, and 6 year old Kerri Barbour who were joined by their father- Tony Barbour as well as friend of Morning Song, Stewart Payne.
Our special thanks to James Scott of Wonder Studios who created this video under the direction of Steve Scott of Morning Song Productions.
Come listen and download this and other King James Version scripture memory verse songs at www.morningsongproductions.com/scripture songs
where there is always a free download for you.

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