New Age Bible Versions

The NIV deletes the Trinity found in 1st John 5:7 and in the Lord's prayer it removes all references to “Heaven” and, “deliver us from evil.” and it says there are MANY Gods and sons in Daniel 3:25, not just ONE GOD where 3 Hebrews go into the fiery furnace for keeping our Father’s 2nd Commandment, to not bow down thyself, and the king see's 4 in the fire not bound and the 4th one is like "THE SON OF GOD" (singular) the NIV says that he sees "A SON OF THE GODS". Jesus said to TEST the spirits if they be of God of NOT! The only way to test is 1st John 4:1-3 "if they confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh they are of God...if they confess "not" that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, it is the spirit of antichrist!!! the NIV says he did NOT come in the flesh! Therefore, it is an antichrist bible! It says that Jesus Christ who is the “Morning Star” (Revelation 22: 16) was kicked out of heaven instead of Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12 !!!

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