Christian Dads Experience What It Feels Like To Give Birth - LOL!

These Christian dads from Kensington Church wanted to honor the moms in their life by figuring out what this labor thing is all about, so they went to a local doctor for a simulation. They had no idea what they were about to experience!

“Well did you know that according to men, women exaggerate everything?”

Those were the dads’ final words before feeling some of the worst and most intense pains imaginable. And I bet they regret it!

The men walked into the exam room with their heads held high wearing those blue disposable medical shirts. That smug look was about to be wiped off of their faces.

Dr. Julie Masters used electrodes simulations on their lower stomachs to first give the burly men a taste of early contractions. One of the dads even said, “That sounds fun,” right before the first wave of contractions. I’m not sure if that was sarcasm, but he’d definitely agree that it was sarcasm in a few seconds!

Right before they flipped the switch, their wives walked in to support their husbands through the process. Good thing at least someone is there to tell them to push!

At the lowest level, the guys winced in pain, tightened their bodies, and already started groaning. Then, the early labor level began and one said, “I’ve gotta remember my breathing,” as he gripped the bed for support.

The dads laughed through the pain. I couldn’t help but laugh along with them. Being a bit dramatic there, guys!

One of the wives said, ”Look at me! Look at me!” A classic line husbands say during labor. Her husband aggressively replied, “Don’t talk to me right now.” He already entered the labor mindset of wanting the pain to end.

When the pain level increased to a four, one dad guessed and hoped it was at a level seven. Nope. Sorry!

Watching the two of them grunt and flail trying to endure the labor pains had me laughing so hard! It also made me realize how far some men are willing to go to show their love.

God bless the dads that make the effort to make their partners, kids, and loved ones feel seen and appreciated. The world wouldn’t be complete without dads!

Featured Image Credit: Youtube

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