God's Judgment in 2015 and Repentance (Be Rapture Ready) - Elvi Zapata

God's Judgment in 2015 and Repentance (Be Rapture Ready) - Elvi Zapata

This is from the Elvi Zapata's the Lord's Hour on 2/27/2015. Brother Elvi Zapata had a dream about God's judgment. He heard from God in his dream that Judgment will be in the year 2015.

Repent your sin daily! Turn away from sins! Soon after, there will be great earthquakes, asteroid and tsunami which devastates millions people. This is the prophecy in the Book of Revelation chapter 6 in the Sixth seal’s judgment. God’s judgment will be upon USA and many nations. Elvi Zapata said this year in 2015. Be ready all the time whether God’s judgment in this year or not. Surrender all to Jesus! Jesus is the only hope for us!

3 Final Signs before the rapture,

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