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ADHD Treatment Without Medication | Orlando Christian Counseling Video

ADHD Treatment Without Medication | Orlando Christian Counseling Video
Parent coaching is very important when it comes to children with ADHD. A total of 95% of kids respond to the innate parenting skills, however kids with ADHD are in the other 5%. These children need a different approach to treatment. ADHD is a neurobiological
disorder, therefore, it effects the brain biologically. Kids with ADHD crave carbohydrates which offsets their protein to carb ratio. Several studies have found carbohydrates effect focus and mood regulation, which directly correlates with ADHD. Additionally,
these studies have found deficiencies (Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Omega 3) as a result of the carb intake. Increases in protein to carb ratio like the PACE diet or Zone Diet suggest, along with including the above supplements, can make a difference. ADHD
specialists providing treatment and addressing the neurobiological issues through diet, can potentially improve children with ADHD's ability to focus, complete their homework, read, and complete classwork and projects.
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