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Interestingly too, the meaning of this word translated as "help" (or watch). In the original Greek is sunantilambanomai, which means "pick against something firm, along with". This word fits well in the example of someone who helps another to carry something heavy, like a piano. It is literally "grab the other end of the weight," which in fact reflects a society. It helps in partnership.

Now mind you, when we speak of our spirit, the Holy Spirit within us, praying in tongues, this does not suggest a society too?

Hallelujah! God has given us a powerful weapon against the carnal, and we use it every day. I know very well in practice, which, as we pray in tongues over our flesh is weak. The very exercise of spirit makes us more aware of God's presence and alert to the subtle snares of the flesh.

Praying in tongues is to have the help of the Holy Spirit against the weaknesses of the flesh is to have him as a partner, "picking up the other end of the weight" and helping us as a burden that we can not carry alone. The bondage of corruption from the law of sin in our flesh is broken in gemermos and pray in the Spirit. He intercedes for us because we would not know ourselves to do it correctly. And if He prays correctly through us when we speak in tongues, we can be sure that we will see the answer as well!

The Bible does not say that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us in heaven. But the Spirit of God intercedes THROUGH WHEN we speak in tongues. The only biblical mandate of th

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