Daughter of the King -"Grace of God" clip

Daughter of the King follows Ashley Miller (Debra van Gaalen) as she tries to rebuild herself and return to a normal life after a drug filled episode in her life that landed her in jail. An outstanding debt gets her sucked back into the underworld that is ruled by Haydar (Florin Marksteiner), a ruthless man that forces her into slavery. She becomes his property. Ashley is forced to prostitute and deal drugs hoping to regain her freedom. The abuse that comes from all sides and in all forms crushes her to the ground making her believe she's worthless. In the darkest moments Nadia (Kelsea Meredith), her close friend, descends in her life like an angel bringing her back to the light and setting her free.

Daughter of the King has won twenty awards at film festivals around the world.

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