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  • 'You Raise Me Up' From The Singing Contractors'You Raise Me Up' From The Singing Contractors
    The Singing Contractors are back with an incredible version of the Josh Groban classic 'You Raise Me Up'. These guys never fail to amaze with their beautiful harmonies and insane talent. And I just love that they take time out of their busy days t...theremix2017-07-27T13:44:0739,099 views00:00:00
  • Barbershop Harmony Group Performs 'Danny Boy'Barbershop Harmony Group Performs 'Danny Boy'
    'Danny Boy' has been an iconic song throughout most of history. It's sweet lyrics and beautiful melody truly resonate with people all over the world. And when you hear the talented men of Vocal Majority sing this classic, you will be in awe.

    theremix2017-07-26T11:47:251,995 views00:00:00
  • 'Be Ye Glad' - A Cappella Worship 'Be Ye Glad' - A Cappella Worship
    When Chris Rupp was just a young boy, the Christian group GLAD served as a huge musical inspiration. GLAD was a band that started to sing a cappella music.

    Chris loved this idea so much that he eventually followed his passion for music and a c...
    theremix2017-07-19T15:28:008,830 views00:00:00
  • 13-Year-Old 'I'll Stand By You' Audition Earns Golden Buzzer13-Year-Old 'I'll Stand By You' Audition Earns Golden Buzzer
    13-year-old Angelina Green stepped out onto the America's Got Talent stage with a big smile on her face. Angelina has been singing all of her life but she never took it seriously until her parents divorced.

    She turned to music to help her thro...
    theremix2017-07-19T11:02:0017,044 views00:00:00
  • Barbershop Sings Incredible Version Of 'Smile'Barbershop Sings Incredible Version Of 'Smile'
    The incredibly talented men of the barbershop quartet, Main Street, never fail to impress with their harmonious covers. And now they are singing one of my all time favorite songs 'Smile'.

    Whenever I feel down, this special song always reminds ...
    theremix2017-07-14T15:21:49667 views00:00:00
  • 'Hallelujah' Performance From X Factor's Alexandra Burke'Hallelujah' Performance From X Factor's Alexandra Burke
    Alexandra Burke performed her incredible rendition of 'Halleujah' on the X Factor all the way back in 2008. This finals performance definitely struck a chord with the judges and the audience.

    Now, almost 10 years later, this rendition has amas...
    theremix2017-07-10T11:40:0014,994 views00:00:00
  • Singing Trio Audition Has Simon Dancing In His SeatSinging Trio Audition Has Simon Dancing In His Seat
    The Masqueraders have been singing together for 50 years and even had a big hit in the 60s. Now they are taking a stab at singing stardom on the America's Got Talent stage. And when these three start singing the Sam Cooke classic 'A Change Is Gonn...theremix2017-06-29T10:29:478,539 views00:00:00
  • Professional Driver Impresses With Opera AuditionProfessional Driver Impresses With Opera Audition
    Carlos De Antonis is a driver for a car service in Miami and he never misses an opportunity to sing. He even sings for his passengers! Carlos immediately won over the judges and the audience when he started to sing the opera classic "Nessun Dorma....theremix2017-06-29T09:54:382,638 views00:00:00
  • Singer Auditions With Whitney Houston SongSinger Auditions With Whitney Houston Song
    Johnny Manuel thought his dreams of becoming a singer had come true when he signed with a record label at just 14 years old. Sadly, that dream didn't pan out, but Johnny never gave up on his passion. So when he got the opportunity to audition for ...theremix2017-06-29T09:49:482,043 views00:00:00
  • 'Precious Lord, Take My Hand' - A Cappella Classic Hymn'Precious Lord, Take My Hand' - A Cappella Classic Hymn
    Let the Lord take the lead and guide you on to the light. The powerful lyrics of 'Precious Lord, Take My Hand' from Chris Rupp featuring Elliott Robinson and Jen Waris is the perfect reminder. I love this a cappella rendition of a this classic son...theremix2017-06-23T11:06:1913,176 views00:00:00
  • Light Up Dance Routine Earns Golden BuzzerLight Up Dance Routine Earns Golden Buzzer
    Light Balance is a talented group of dancers from the Ukraine. And when you see their incredible audition on America's Got Talent you will be stunned. This group combines light technology and dance for a performance that earned them the coveted go...theremix2017-06-22T13:40:32871 views00:00:00
  • Choir Group 'This Little Light Of Mine' AuditionChoir Group 'This Little Light Of Mine' Audition
    Danell Daymon and the choir group of Greater Works took the audience to church with their America's Got Talent audition. Just listen at their soul-filled rendition of 'The Little Light of Mine.' I was clapping along at my computer. I can't wait to...theremix2017-06-21T14:11:261,674 views00:00:00
  • 'Day By Day (And With Each Passing Moment)' Hymn'Day By Day (And With Each Passing Moment)' Hymn
    Each and every day we give our hearts to the Lord and let Him guide us through life. The powerful lyrics of 'Day By Day (And With Each Passing Moment)' is the perfect reminder of His strength and love. Listen as students from the Fountainview Acad...theremix2017-06-20T15:42:08726 views00:00:00
  • Air Force Group Harmonizes For AuditionAir Force Group Harmonizes For Audition
    The talented men of In The Stairwell are all members of the United States Air Force. They started singing in the stairwells, as freshmen were not allowed to sing in the dorms, and now they're trying to win big on America's Got Talent. These incred...theremix2017-06-19T12:40:222,500 views00:00:00
  • Unplugged Cover Of Josh Groban's 'You Raise Me Up'Unplugged Cover Of Josh Groban's 'You Raise Me Up'
    There's no doubt that Chris Rupp has a God-given talent. And when you hear his unplugged piano rendition of 'Your Raise Me Up' I was absolutely floored. To make this powerful song even better, Chris brought along friend Justin Knoepfel on the viol...theremix2017-06-12T13:03:2940,491 views00:00:00
  • Deaf 29-Year-Old Sings Original Song For Judges Deaf 29-Year-Old Sings Original Song For Judges
    Mandy Harvey has loved singing since she was 4 years old. But sadly, as she grew older, she started losing her hearing. Now 29 years old Mandy is deaf, but she refused to give up on her love of music. So Mandy created a very unique way to 'hear' m...theremix2017-06-08T10:15:159,344 views00:00:00