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  • You're Never Gonna Get A Better DealYou're Never Gonna Get A Better Deal
    Mike continues on the message of God's grace and how we're never gonna get a better deal.rsiple2010-10-01T22:53:212,115 views00:28:19
  • Unconditional LoveUnconditional Love
    Mike discusses God's unconditional love for us.rsiple2010-10-01T22:52:082,241 views00:29:42
  • Align with GodAlign with God
    How do we realign our lives to God? Mike discusses how keeping Jesus at the center of your life will keep you aligned with God.rsiple2008-07-27T00:00:002,084 views00:29:00
  • Weapons of WarfareWeapons of Warfare
    Rev. Jack Chalmers pitch hits for Pastor Mike with a powerful message on the weapons of spiritual warfare.rsiple2008-07-20T00:00:002,001 views00:29:06
  • How do we make the most of life?How do we make the most of life?
    Mike discusses how self discipline leads to being prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that life presents.rsiple2008-07-13T00:00:002,281 views00:29:59
  • Heavenly CitizenHeavenly Citizen
    Flaviu parallels his story and appreciation of becoming an American Citizen with that of the heavenly citizenship God offers each of us and how as Christians people should recognize that we are citizens of heaven.rsiple2008-07-06T00:00:002,169 views00:29:54
  • Bringing Pleasure To God?Bringing Pleasure To God?
    Does our love for God bring pleasure to Him? Mike challenges us to exam how we express our love of God in how we live our lives.rsiple2008-06-29T00:00:001,904 views00:22:45
  • Remarkable GraceRemarkable Grace
    Mike discusses grace in the form of forgiveness and how we are called to share this grace with those around us.rsiple2008-06-22T00:00:001,907 views00:28:47