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  • Is Christianity only for good people?Is Christianity only for good people?
    Lessons 4 and 5 - Ten Commandments.
    Learn about the meaning and purpose of the Ten Commandments.
    The Adult Information Class is a 15 lesson course on basic Christian teachings by Pastor Lassman at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington. ...
    aic12008-03-17T00:00:008,143 views00:02:11
  • Doris and Henry: Missionary ConventionDoris and Henry: Missionary Convention
    Doris and Henry go to the Missionary Conventionpillars2010-10-01T23:08:216,712 views00:07:26
  • Morning SongMorning Song
    Morning Song is a weekly morning prayer service coming from the Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conferencing Center in North Andover, Massachusetts. The prayer time will be a modified version of the United Methodist Order of Saint Luke morning prayer, ...rollingridge2010-10-01T23:45:262,239 views00:29:27
  • A New CreationA New Creation
    He is a New Creation. He is different now then when he began the song. If you like the song email it to 5 people. Christians make good music and art. Lets tell others about it.
    Dex performing "New Creation" at one of Fellow...
    fellowshipfan2010-10-01T23:36:2172,588 views00:04:11
  • Mercy Me - God With Us (Official Music Video)Mercy Me - God With Us (Official Music Video)
    Music video by MercyMe performing God With Us. (C) 2007 MercyMEmercymemusic2010-10-01T23:33:5162,936 views00:04:23
  • Casting Crowns - Slow Fade (Official Music Video)Casting Crowns - Slow Fade (Official Music Video)
    Casting Crowns - Slow Fade Music Video. casting-crowns2010-10-01T23:33:50191,738 views00:05:18
  • Amazing Dance - Man Without Leg and Woman Without ArmAmazing Dance - Man Without Leg and Woman Without Arm
    Wow! This is incredible! A woman without an arm and a man without a leg combine together to perform this beautiful and powerful dance. God truly has a plan for everyone. What is holding you back in life and how can you use it for good? God bless!sand2rock952010-10-01T23:27:44904,730 views00:05:17
  • Stand _ K & K MimeStand _ K & K Mime
    Keith & Karl Edmonds are K & K Mime. These twin brothers offer up their giftings to the Lord, to bless the hearts and minds of the people, and bring souls closer to the heart of God, through worship. They also have a very powerful perso...godwisdomchild2010-10-01T22:23:2817,664 views00:07:11
  • Casting Crowns - Voice Of Truth (Christian Music)Casting Crowns - Voice Of Truth (Christian Music)
    No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.christianmusicremix2008-03-17T00:00:0022,376 views00:04:09
  • Deep RIver (Negro Spiritual)Deep RIver (Negro Spiritual)
    H. T. Burleigh, composerrnRandye Jones, sopranornTimothy Newton, pianornRecorded May 8, 2007rnGrinnell College, Grinnell, Iowaafrodiva12007-05-08T00:00:007,882 views00:03:22
  • I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb - OriginalI Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb - Original
    We are at a Crossroads in world history. Never has so much, happened so fast. Current news headlines read like they are straight out of the Ancient Prophetic writings of the Bible!! Take a good look at all available resources. Search the internet ...yakwild2010-10-01T23:44:0726,165 views00:07:31