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  • Total Eclipse of the HeartTotal Eclipse of the Heart
    A Christian drama about the Power of Jesus to save from the darkness of sin.mateo6332008-03-17T00:00:0044,761 views00:05:30
  • My Redeemer Lives - Team HoytMy Redeemer Lives - Team Hoyt
    Incredible video about the relationship between a father and son.... and God's relationship with us.sand2rock952008-03-17T00:00:0016,230,285 views00:04:36
  • SUNDAY MORNING Church Judgement Directed By Jeff Morrison SUNDAY MORNING Church Judgement Directed By Jeff Morrison
    This was recently featured on TCT Rejoice as the Godtube clip of the week. A video about how we all judge & how we are usually wrong. This was made By Holywood Films from the Vineyard Church of surprise Drama Team Lead by Jeff Morrison. Now availa...refugeguy2008-03-17T00:00:0013,489 views00:04:02
  • Woobie Doobie - FUNNY!Woobie Doobie - FUNNY!
    Playing around with the camcorder's built-in effects.classichomevideos2008-03-17T00:00:0019,219 views00:01:49
  • How to fit in at almost any church - Bluefish TVHow to fit in at almost any church - Bluefish TV
    Somebody left this instructional video on our doorstep, and we couldn't believe how insightful it was. Since watching it, our employees haven't been forcibly escorted out of a church service.

    Download here:
    bluefishtv2012-02-01T00:00:00210,525 views00:02:29
  • Batman Spoof - FUNNY!Batman Spoof - FUNNY!
    A few years ago, my brother Ben and I were planning on doing this as a 30-minute series for a local TV station. This first script was hilarious. We also toyed around with the idea of making it into an indy film. Unfortunately, shortly after thi...classichomevideos2008-03-17T00:00:009,194 views00:01:05
    Top Secret has a contemporary Christian sound with gospel flavor on the top. What's different about Top Secret and this CD is that the focus is not going to be on the recording artist at all. This is the first attempt to promote a recording artist...carrion2008-03-17T00:00:006,753 views00:04:14
  • que siga la fiesta live en Puerto Ricoque siga la fiesta live en Puerto Rico
    movie clipprayerpros72008-03-17T00:00:008,015 views00:04:05
  • Amazing Video!!Amazing Video!!
    There were no special effects used in the making of this video that took almost a year to make! The most expensive commercial ever made!!believe8362010-10-01T22:35:299,098 views00:02:01
  • Butterfly Man - BluefishTV.comButterfly Man - BluefishTV.com
    A new superhero for a new era, Butterfly Man emerges to fight violence and injustice. Driven by a traumatic, butterfly-related childhood experience, this masked and spotted warrior will not rest until evil fears the flutter.

    $1.99 hi-res versi...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:5163,973 views00:03:04
  • Set Me Free - Ignite Student MinistriesSet Me Free - Ignite Student Ministries
    Set Me Free Drama Skit from Ignite Student Ministries at Victory World Outreach Centerchristianwebtv2008-06-29T00:00:00249,348 views00:04:28
  • NIV, RSV & ASV Bible versions are FAKE, see this video- part 1NIV, RSV & ASV Bible versions are FAKE, see this video- part 1
    And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.Ye are of God, little children, an...papaterry12010-10-01T23:18:202,464 views00:07:41
  • He's to Cool for his ticketHe's to Cool for his ticket
    Too cool for schooljojolife2010-10-01T23:47:027,053 views00:00:30