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  • Pt 2 - The Grace & Love of GodPt 2 - The Grace & Love of God
    Malcolm continues to describe how the love and grace of God teach us to say "No" to ungodliness and to live upright, godly lives in this present age - eager to do what is good.purepassiontv2011-01-13T22:25:02929 views00:28:30
  • Story of the Lost DaughterStory of the Lost Daughter
    Fractured and abused in childhood, Fionah is working the bars and strip clubs when Jesus comes and finds His precious daughter.purepassiontv2011-01-11T01:08:20966 views00:28:31
  • Every Stripper is a TreasureEvery Stripper is a Treasure
    After hearing Harmony's testimony of rescue from the world of exotic dancing, follow the ministry team from "Treasures" as they reach out to strippers on the "Strip" in Las Vegas.purepassiontv2011-01-11T00:18:262,059 views00:28:31
  • Healing from Child Sexual AbuseHealing from Child Sexual Abuse
    Listen as Mae tells the story of what man did to her and what God is doing to heal and redeem it.purepassiontv2011-01-10T23:33:2713,531 views00:28:31
  • How the Truth Sets People FreeHow the Truth Sets People Free
    Craig describes one of the more damaging effects of childhood trauma - the lies that are believed as a result - and God's provision for replacing the lies with God's truth, which brings healing and wholeness to those areas of life.purepassiontv2011-01-10T23:23:35836 views00:28:31
  • Sex Offenders Who Molest TeensSex Offenders Who Molest Teens
    Finding freedom from bondage for the ephebophile and pedophile.purepassiontv2011-01-10T22:33:474,327 views00:28:31
  • Freedom from the Porn-Masturbation TrapFreedom from the Porn-Masturbation Trap
    A look deep inside the mind and heart of the person trapped in bondage to porn and masturbation, and what brings healing and freedom.purepassiontv2011-01-10T22:03:346,567 views00:28:31
  • Pt 1 - The Grace & Love of GodPt 1 - The Grace & Love of God
    Using the parable of the Lost Son, Malcolm weaves an impassioned description of how the love and grace of God teach us to say "No" to ungodliness and to live upright, godly lives in this present age - eager to do what is good.purepassiontv2011-01-10T21:33:23503 views00:28:30
  • Lesbian No MoreLesbian No More
    Pamela shares her story of growing up lesbian and what Jesus Christ has done to set her free and to bring healing and transformation into her life.purepassiontv2011-01-10T21:13:521,653 views00:28:31
  • Confessions of a High-Class ProstituteConfessions of a High-Class Prostitute
    Annie talks about her years as a high class prostitute, how Jesus rescued her from certain death and what she is now doing to rescue those still trapped in that industry.purepassiontv2011-01-10T21:03:433,104 views00:28:31
  • Trafficking in AmericaTrafficking in America
    Stacia talks about trafficking in the United States, how it differs from overseas trafficking, and what The Home Foundation is doing to rescue and rehabilitate survivors in this country.purepassiontv2011-01-10T19:18:007,861 views00:28:31
  • Gaining Freedom from PornographyGaining Freedom from Pornography
    John Bevere describes his previous struggle with pornography and the revelations that God gave him that set him free and that have kept him from falling.purepassiontv2011-01-10T18:48:324,690 views00:28:31
  • Pure Passion - 1 - David Kyle Foster testimonyPure Passion - 1 - David Kyle Foster testimony
    Watch the story of a former Hollywood actor who lived a double life as a male prostitute while starring in films and television before finding Christ on a trip to Israel.purepassiontv2008-03-17T00:00:0012,276 views00:08:03