Thriving with Chronic Illness

Thriving with Chronic Illness

Jennifer Slattery

Episode 4: Honestly Facing Our Anger

August 4, 2020   ●   31 min

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Many of us have grown to fear anger - anger expressed by others and our anger as well. As a result, we’re tempted to suppress these intense emotions, but that can keep us stuck and cause us to distance ourselves from God. We can hinder our ability to heal and fully experience the emotional and spiritual freedom He longs to give us.

In this episode, Jennifer Slattery interviews counselor and author Tanya Glanzman.

Find Tanya here:

Discussion questions:
1. What are your views on anger? Do you tend to see all anger as bad or do you view some types or expressions of anger as bad and others as healthy?
2. Have you experienced anger in relation to your illness? If so, how did you respond? How did your relationship with God play into this?
3. What are some healthy ways one can express their anger?
4. What are unhealthy ways to express anger?
5. How do you believe God responds to our anger, and why do you feel this?
6. Why might it be important to express our anger honestly?
7. Why might it be important to express our anger honestly to God?
8. How might unexpressed anger lead to deep-seated bitterness?

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