Talk About That

Talk About That

John Driver and Jonnie W

Tornado Alley, Hose Pipes, and Prayer

February 21, 2023   ●   60 min

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Today on Talk About That, John gets mistaken for a convict, and plagiarizes the Serenity Prayer.

Meanwhile, Jonnie eats a gigantic potato 🥔, and loves tattoo culture, but doesn’t want a tattoo.

Plus, a conversation about the dangers of “assembly line” spirituality ⚙️, and how to trust God even when we don’t get the outcome we hoped for.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Your 40’s™️ : “Congratulations, your knees hurt now.” 🩼

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Today's Devotional

A Prayer for Turning Over Fear of Losing a Loved One - Your Daily Prayer - June 18

The enemy wants us lost in fear so much that we can't enjoy the precious moments with the people around us. When these thoughts consume us, we must take them to the Lord. We must rebuke the enemy's lies and ask God to fill us with a peace that only He can provide.

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