Talk About That

Talk About That

John Driver and Jonnie W

LIVE MUSICAL GUEST:  Caleb Christopher Edwards on Bitter Foods🍫, Unsafe Systems⚠️, and Muskrats

February 14, 2023   ●   65 min

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Today on Talk About That, Jonnie has way too many pairs of glasses 🤓, and a car just for his dogs 🐕. Meanwhile, John ponders if there is a right way to leave a text thread. 

Then, singer/songwriter Caleb Christopher Edwards joins us for a candid interview about his creative and spiritual journey since being diagnosed with autism. 

Plus, a conversation about the dangers of certainty and the thrill of hunting muskrats. 

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Mattress Stores 🛌 ™️: “Our favorite location is right across the street from another mattress store.”

Make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign for Caleb’s brand new project, “Metanoia”, and help him get across the finish line!: 

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