Real Refreshment - The Podcast

Real Refreshment - The Podcast

Rachael Carman

47. Why Journal?

December 29, 2022   ●   32 min

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Journaling. A topic that many of us move away from due to mixed emotions about what will be brought up in the process. So in this podcast, I am going to advocate for something that seems really hard. How do we process through the joys and pains of life using journaling and prayer? We all have things bottled up inside of us and we may not know what to do with it or just don't want to deal with it. So how do we dare, as believers, to go to God in prayer rather than social media with the feelings that we have? How do we walk the line between putting it all out there in the name of being real while still being wise with our words and the medium that we use?

Your journals do not have to be just prayers. They can contain life updates, conversations with God, reminders of God's faithfulness, or anything that is healing to your soul. There are so many options of what your time in journaling can bring. I hope that you can be encouraged to venture into something hard with me and feel connected to not only your feelings but ultimately to the Lord with the art of journaling!

- Valley of Vision by Arthur Bennett
- The Dairy of Anne Frank
- Becoming Elizabeth
- A Chance to Die
- In the Shadow of the Almighty
- Devotedly
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