March or Die

March or Die

Jeremy Stalnecker

Where Faith and Life Meet

March 14, 2023   ●   40 min

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How do you live out your Faith in an environment that is not exactly "faith affirming"? Is it possible to be both a consistent Christian and an effective workplace leader? Even though we often choose to believe that we need to either be good at our job or be an outgoing person of faith, with the right tools and the character to apply them, it is not only possible, but we have BEEN CALLED to do both! Today's guest on The March or Die Show is someone who understands this from a place of life experience. Command Sergeant Major Demetris Prewitt has spent his life leading at a very high level in the United States Army, but has also made a priority of publicly and faithfully living out his faith. And, in order to equip others to be consistent in their faith walk, he has recently written a book that helps to lay the foundation for a consistent Christian life. If you are someone who has struggled to live out your faith in the workplace or simply need to better understand why you believe what you believe, this episode will be a great encouragement. Listen all the way through, share with someone else, and then follow the link below for more.

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