Kainos Project

Kainos Project

Dale Chamberlain and Tamara Chamberlain

The New-New

August 02, 2022   ●   43 min

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We serve the God of the New.

And while we often must look back to move forward, our desire is to be a part of a fresh movement of God that reimagines how we understand ancient truths in light of our current realities and sees a brand new generation of Christians stepping into the abundant life that Jesus promised us.

This is what Kainos means: NEW.

It's one of a couple different Greek words found in the New Testament that describe something new. But what makes Kainos special is that it’s a complete reimagining of what has come before. It doesn’t forget or negate past moves of God but looks forward with a fresh imagination for what God can do today.

Join us on this episode as we explore exactly what that means and how you can be a part of it.

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