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Intentional Living

Intentional Living

Kristi Woods

Episode 2: Being Intentional in Prayer

December 31, 2019   ●   33 min

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If someone came up to you on the sidewalk, someone who wasn’t a Christian, and asked you, what is prayer? How would you answer? And how intentional are you about praying to God?

In this episode, we’ll cover:
• What prayer is and the first example of prayer in the Bible
• When should we pray?
• Who should we pray for?
• How should we pray?
• Different prayers in the Bible
• Action steps for creating a habit of prayer in your daily life

20 Bible Verse That Teach Us How to Pray: http://urlme.cc/blV7
5 Powerful Prayers from Scripture: http://urlme.cc/lW0D
10 Verses That Teach Us How Jesus Prayed: http://urlme.cc/pYoN
15 Powerhouse Prayers from Ephesians (Available in Kristi’s Subscriber Library): http://urlme.cc/1b54

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