Inside The Epicenter With Joel Rosenberg

Inside The Epicenter With Joel Rosenberg

Joel C. Rosenberg and Dr. Carl Moeller

What Israel Can Teach the US about Border Control #108

June 6, 2023   ●   43 min

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How can the US protect itself against the dangers of Fentanyl, human trafficking, and terrorism that are coming through the US-Mexico border every day?

In this episode of Inside The Epicenter with Joel Rosenberg, Dr. Carl Moeller sits with Joel to talk about the growing chaos in the southern border of the US, the risk of terrorists coming in through the border to carry out attacks, and the need for leaders to take action before a catastrophic event occurs. Listen to this episode to learn more about the Epicenter’s perspective on this issue!


(01:21) Joel shares his concern about the border crisis at the US-Mexico border.
(03:39) Joel highlights the importance of border security.
(07:57) Fentanyl is fifty times more powerful than heroin.
(14:30) Border crisis is something to worry about.
(19:20) American people will hold its leadership responsible for any catastrophic event.
(29:18) Southern Border Wall versus Berlin Wall.
(35:25) Who is an evangelical?



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