How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Nicole Unice

Romans Week Three: God’s Signature Move

September 20, 2021   ●   26 min

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Questions We Ask Every Time We Read the Bible:

1. What do the verses say?
2. What's the backstory? What's the context?
3. What does it mean? What are the principles of this passage?

Romans Week Three: Romans 3:20-26

1. What Does it Say?
Notice the “therefore” in verse 20. Everything we learned about in chapters 1 & 2, we’re about to get the closing argument for here. None of us can be who we think that we can be – none of us is righteous.

2. What Is the Backstory?
All of Romans up to this point is addressing the problem of human logic. God cannot be understood fully in our human intelligence. We see the limits of human logic and reason throughout the Bible, even recorded in the earliest written book – Job (See Job 38:1-4).

3. What Does It Mean?
Sin is the great equalizer of men; mercy is the great deliverance for those who believe. Unless we recognize how deeply we cannot make this happen without God we will continue to try to justify ourselves through our own false self-righteousness.

4. What does it mean for me?
1. Reckon with our pride
2. Repent of our self-righteousness
3. Rejoice in his mercy.

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