Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery and Carol Ogle McCracken

Trusting in Our Good God (Genesis 15:2-21)

February 21, 2023   ●   15 min

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During peaceful seasons, do you ever find yourself fearing something will soon go wrong and your reprieve or pleasant circumstances won’t last? Does your fear of what could go wrong keep you from remaining fully present in the moment? Thankfully, our God holds us through our doubts, speaks to our anxieties, and remains faithful to every promise He’s given us in Scripture.  (Scroll down for the discussion/reflective questions.)

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  1. What resonated with you most in this episode?
  2. Abraham doesn’t “complain” ABOUT God, but he does “complain” TO God. What is the difference in your mind?
  3. Bible scholar Matthew Henry once said, “God never promises more than He can perform.” Do you believe this is true? How have you seen this in your life? 
  4. When was a time when the only prayer you could think of was, as Kelly said, “Ugh”? What did you do in that moment?
  5. What was an answer to prayer that wasn’t what you expected it to be, yet you realized it was exactly what you needed?
  6. Based on Genesis 15, what would you say to a friend who is walking through their own difficult season of waiting?
    God often provided a waiting season between the giving of a promise and the fulfilling of that promise.  What are some reasons that God might do that?  How have you seen that working in your own life?

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