Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey and Shellie Arnold

The Courage to Release Our Children into God's Care

February 23, 2021   ●   27 min

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As parents, our goal is to raise adults emotionally and spiritually mature adults who can navigate challenges with integrity and faith and have learned to rely on and surrender to Christ. We know, intellectually, our children must reach a place of independence, but our hearts might struggle to let go.

In this episode, Wholly Loved’s Shellie Arnold and Jennifer Slattery discuss some of the fears, challenges, and confusion parents face in this journey of releasing and truths that can help us move forward with courage and confidence.

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Resource: Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens by Paul David Tripp

Group Discussion Questions:
1. In terms of your level of entrusting your kids to Jesus, where are you currently at in your parenting journey?
2. What areas do you feel God has not called you to release?
3. What areas might He be calling you to release?
4. What makes it most challenging to surrender those areas to Christ?
5. In what ways are you training your children (adult, youth, or younger) to turn to Christ for guidance and strength?
6. In what ways might you be inadvertently trying to play a “savior” role in their life or lives?
7. Consider an area you find particularly frightening to release. What messages might your behavior in that area be sending to your children?
8. What people do you turn to for support and wisdom?
9. What hurts might you have caused your children that you need to confess and apologize for?
10. What areas of guilt must you invite God to heal in your heart?

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