Encouragement for You

Encouragement for You

Don Hawkins

A Better You in 2023

January 4, 2023   ●   25 min

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Most of us have overspent on Christmas gifts and entertaining at the holidays at times. For many years Bettye Banks served as vice president of consumer credit counseling service, and she and host Don Hawkins provide answers for those post-holiday financial stresses.

Often times, it doesn’t take very long to find ourselves breaking those New Year’s resolutions. Christian life coach Rodney Love provides some practical suggestions in the upcoming conversation with host Don Hawkins.
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Today's Devotional

A Prayer about Growing Fruit - Your Daily Prayer - January 28

The power of winter in the physical world allows the ground to rest so that in the growing season, it can do what God designed it to do—produce life. We also produce life. We can speak life with our words and bring life with our actions. But there’s a season for rest too.

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