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Christian Parent, Crazy World

Catherine Segars

How to Help Your Kids Develop Their Spiritual Gifts – Episode 16

October 4, 2021   ●   30 min

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The more your kids understand their God-given purpose in life, the more likely they are to stay grounded in their faith into adulthood. As parents, we have this incredibly unique position in our kid’s lives. We are literally front row center for most of the first two decades. We are, hands down, the most important influence on our kids during their formative years. We have not just the ability, but the responsibility to uncover those spiritual gifts in our kids’ lives, and to cultivate them. You could say that we are the chief gardener in their lives. How well those little seeds do is, in a large part, up to us.

“God gave you your kids for a reason, your specific kids. That’s because you hold the key to unlocking who God created them to be.”

Tips for Cultivating Your Child’s Spiritual Gifts:

1. What do you see in your child’s life that isn’t like your other kids, or other peoples’ children? When you see a gift – feed it. Call it out and encourage it. Water that gift and watch it grow.

2. Don’t compare your parenting or your kids to other kids. God specifically chose you to parent your children. What your kids need is quite simple: they need you. And God will meet all the needs you have as you parent them.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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Scripture Mentioned in This Week's Episode:
Jesus at the Temple: Luke 2:41-52; Philippians 4:19

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