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Catherine Segars

How to Discover Your Purpose in Life - Episode 17

October 25, 2021   ●   35 min

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Do you know that you have a purpose in life? Like beyond parenting. Beyond what you do for a living, even, perhaps. Beyond paying the bills and doing the chores and feeding the kids. You have a purpose in life. Something that God created you to do before you were ever born. God has a very specific part for you to play in the grand story He is writing throughout all of history

In this podcast, I’m going to talk about how to discover why you were born. I will give you the Five P’s of finding your purpose.

Discovering your purpose in life really does tie into your parenting in a big way. Because when your kids see you living your purpose in life, they are going to be inspired to live out theirs.

The majority of people live and die without ever discovering their purpose in life, the reason God created them. Isn’t that sad. But what is even more sad is that the majority of Christians, the majority of people who know the God who created them with a purpose to fulfill for His Kingdom, they never discover that purpose is either. They never realize why they were put on this earth. How sad is that? It is tragic, really.

The 5 P’s to Your Purpose:

People who fulfill their God-given purpose in life are people of prayer.
They are people who plant themselves in Christ’s body, in the church.
They are people who allow God to prune them without losing their faith.
They are people who persevere.
And all the while, they never stop praising God.

The question is not “Do I have a purpose?” Scripture is clear—you do.

The question is, then, “Will I discover God’s purpose for my life?” And then, “Will I fulfill God’s purpose for my life?”


“Will I usurp God’s purpose for my life with my own?”

I encourage you to fulfill your purpose by praying, planting, allowing God to prune, the persevere, all the while praising God. And as you do this, you will be modeling for your kids how to fulfill their purpose in life too.

Jeremiah 1:5
Isaiah 49:1-2
Psalm 139:13-17
Ephesians 2:10
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Proverbs 25:2
Psalm 92:12-13
John 15:1-2
Psalm 144:1


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