Billy and the GOAT

Billy and the GOAT

Billy Yancey

Who Would've Thought Our Near Death Preemie Could Live To Inspire Thousands?

February 21, 2023   ●   27 min

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Who would have thought our near death preemie could live to inspire thousands? God’s plan is infinitely bigger than our plan. Throughout my life I have underestimated in a number of situations. Business and friendships to name a few. My best friend’s son, Jake, started out slow, but now makes a big splash academically and athletically at one of the top Ivy League schools in the country! And William’s mommy and daddy have taken coparenting to another level, while God elevates their expectations past their wildest dreams. The Almighty even sent an Angel to help and teach William how to walk. God is a game changer. There is absolutely nothing God cannot do. I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT!

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