Billy and the GOAT

Billy and the GOAT

Billy Yancey

I Almost Pulled A "John Q" To Rescue My Son Out Of The NICU!

February 7, 2023   ●   17 min

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Have you ever been impatient? Have you ever wanted something so bad, that you just could not wait until it happened or for it to come to fruition? I was restless and impatient. I came close to making the ultimate mistake. I almost went “John Q” over my son, William, many years ago. Denzel Washington played a father who went sideways because their health insurance would not cover the costs of his son’s life-saving surgery. He took matters into his own hands. I was minutes from doing the same. Fortunately, I took the doctor’s advice. Today, William is a thriving 16 year old. There are other times in my life where impatience almost got the best of me. Most notably, my business. ANABO started on a white board, but came close to being owned by someone else with a much different outlook. We are days away from launching the ANABO APP. Thank you, David. Thank you, TEAM! I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT!

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